Merits Of Using A Designated Driver


It is wrong for one to drive when they are drunk or while they are drinking alcohol.It is against the law in every country.It can be very dangerous cause the driver can cause an accident because their vision is impaired and their mental state is not the recommended for driving. Having fun after that long weekend is usually accompanied with a drink by most of us. But you have to be very responsible and get a sober driver to drive you home after the night is over. You can have someone you know to drive you for a fee at the end of the day.

Having a designated Sonoma County wine tour driver allows you to enjoy without any worries.Going out main aim is that you enjoy the night to the fullest.  It gives you the liberty to drink to your fill. This can only be achieved when you hire a sober driver to take charge of the wheel. You are at piece for you know you will not be in bad terms with a the authorities due to drunken driving.

Your safety is guaranteed.  It can be attributed by being certain that your Sonoma County designated driver is not affected by any alcohol in his system. It ensures that you also protect other road users also. Drunk driving is a hazard to other people not only yourself. Statistics have proven that most accidents are influenced by poor driving.Drunken driving is very dangerous and the leading causes of accidents.

Getting a DUI ticket is not pleasant.  You can get sentenced for some jail time. You can just avoid this by not driving when you are dunk. You may even get life in jail due to some mistake that you did when driving like causing death.To avoid paying hefty fines it is just safe to get a designated driver to chauffeur you around when you drunk.

After partying make sure you have a designated driver to take you home.Ensure that it is someone you can trust.It is to safeguard you not to hire a criminal who will take advantage of your drunkenness.They should have all the proper documentation on driving. Do not get a minor without a license but can drive and call them your designated driver. IT can even land you to more trouble with the law for it is child abuse.  Ask one of your friends o be the designated driver for the night. Enjoying the night with no designated driver can be the last night you have fun.It can end up badly with an accident that will kill you or cause you so much pain.


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